The only African King who refused to bow to Queen Elizabeth, chose suicide instead (VIDEO)

The only African King who refused to bow to Queen Elizabeth, chose suicide instead(VIDEO)

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The Life of Attah Ameh Oboni, the Nigerian King who Committed Suicide Rather Than Bow to the English Queen.

Igala King Attah Ameh Oboni was well regarded.

Attah Ameh was requested to take off his cap to greet the Queen of England, as others had done, at a special meeting of all of Nigeria’s paramount traditional rulers that was held in Kaduna.

However, he resisted until they told him that if he didn’t take off his cap, he should leave the meeting. Attah, though, wasn’t like other people—or was he?

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Attah was forbidden from taking off his cap in front of people. Attah Ameh Oboni’s headgear, which he removed to greet the Queen, was emitting a swarm of bees that filled the entire hall where they were residing.

The amiable Oba of Benin was requested to leave the meeting by Attah Ameh before taking off his cap, but the Queen of England and the other rulers in attendance ran riot. Some people were stung by the bees, and the conference was terminated as the room grew empty.

The security personnel allegedly asked Attah Ameh Oboni to be detained and handcuffed, which they did, but the handcuffs came off.

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Watch more details in the video below

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