Free SHS: Garbage in, Garbage out – Educationist

Free SHS: “Garbage in, Garbage out – Educationist

Free Senior High School was implemented by the Nana Addo led administration to allow all Ghanaian school going children to enjoy free Senior High School education.

The policy introduced under Nana Addo’s first term has helped millions of Ghana in children to assess education.

People are calling for the review of the policy.

Meanwhile, the President in his speech said, there should be broader consultation on the free Senior High School after the numerous calls by some stakeholders and groups.

But according to Educationist, Mr. John Owusu, government should not touch the policy in such a away that, it will be ineffective.

Speaking with Nana Ampratwum, the host of Omanbapa Morning show on Silver FM in Kumasi Bantama monitored by, government should put a cut off point rather than reviewing the whole policy especially its source funding.

He said there should be a cut off point for children in the basic school who want to enjoy the free SHS to get before they will enjoy the policy.

Mr. John Owusu furthered that, if government fails to lay a cut off point, it would be like “Garbage in Garbage out”.

Adding that, more children will get into school with poor grades and come out just like that, therefore there should be thin line for children who want free SHS to study hard for it.

He also suggested that parents whose wards are in boarding houses under the free Senior high school should be allowed to pay for the boarding fee.

He opined that this will reduce the cost on the government.


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