Hotel employee reveals what you should “NEVER” do in rooms including going barefoot

Hotel employee reveals what you should “NEVER” do in rooms including going barefoot

Hotel secrets have been revealed by Evangeline, a hotelier and TikTok creator, she explained a number of hygiene rules she follows after learning the ins and outs of hotel housekeeping.

A side view of a woman working in a hotel, holding fresh towels for a hotel room.

She uses hotel towels ‘gingerly’

A hotel employee has opened up about the things she would “never” do while staying somewhere.

Earlier this year, we spoke to a flight attendant who explained what passengers should never do while on a plane – and now we know what we should avoid doing at our destination too.

Evangeline, a hotelier from the US, had a number of hygiene tips she thought that everyone should know.

Posting on TikTok, the video quickly went viral as people were disgusted to think about things they’d missed while staying away from home.

As Evangeline works in the industry she knows plenty about the inner cleaning processes of hotels.

And, she claims to do a wipe down of germ hotspots as soon as she enters her room.

Evangeline speaking to camera
She posted her hygiene advice on TikTok
The hotel worker said: “I would never use the remote control without wiping it down first with my own Clorox wipe.

“Your cleaning and my cleaning are different cleaning, you feel me?

“I would never use the glasses in the room, I’m talking about the glasses in the room ready for you to use, I would never use them without washing them first.”

Evangeline isn’t the first person to say you shouldn’t use hotel glasses.

Air hostess Lauren Loois said the same thing.

She noted: “Never drink out of glasses in a hotel room. Only use plastic-wrapped, single-use drinking cups.”

Evangeline moved onto the bedding and claims she never sits on the bedspread (the top blanket on hotel beds).

She explained: “I would never sit on the bedspread. A bedspread is not the sheet, it’s not the blanket, it’s on top of that.

“That thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel.

“Those things are not washed often… those bedspreads get cleaned like maybe once a year so don’t sit on those.”

Ice bucket
She always uses a liner in the ice bucket
And, she doesn’t use the showers or walk on the carpets without wearing shoes.

Evangeline commented: “I would always have a pair of flip flops on… I would also not take a shower without wearing them.”

The hotel worker also says to never, ever use the ice buckets without a liner.

She said: “Some people just use the ice bucket as is without the liner, no don’t do that, put the liner in.”

And, she noted that she doesn’t use the flannels at hotels.

Evangeline added: “This is something nobody actually mentions but it’s big for me, I will never use a hotel washcloth on my body or my face.

“I will use a towel but I will not use a wash cloth.

“Hundreds, if not, thousands of people have used that on their body and, it’s not that they’re not washed or sterilized, but having that many people coming into close contact with their body parts with a washcloth and then put it on me… no, I’m good.

“Just to clarify, when I say I use a towel, I will use the body towel very, very gingerly.”

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