Opinion: Reasons you should not leave your slippers or shoe outside at night

Opinion: Reasons you should not leave your slippers or shoe outside at night

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A lot of people leave their shoes or slippers outside before going to sleep, which isn’t a good thing. Everyone needs to be security conscious. Try your best to take your shoes or slippers indoors before going to bed.

Here are some reasons why you should never leave your slippers or shoes outside at night.

1. Leaving your shoes or slippers outside at night is a signal that you are around or someone is inside and this can welcome criminals. It’s best to take your shoes inside when you go to bed. It will be difficult for people to tell if you are inside or not.

But by displaying your shoes or slippers in front of your door, you give more assurance that someone is inside.

2. We can’t tell who our haters are, leaving your shoes or slippers outside at night could ruin your life, especially for people living in the village or a place where people practice witchcraft. Some people are so heartless and might take your belongings that their hands can reach without stress, such as your shoes, slippers, that’s if you are the kind of person who always leave shoes outside at night.

Someone can use it to cause you pain or destruction in a spiritual way, so as a human you must be mindful of things you wear and always take them into the house at night, or before you sleep remember this word heaven help those, who help themselves.

3. Your valuable shoes or slippers might be stolen. I remember when I was in school, someone who was about to get admitted to university bought a fancy slipper worth 1000 just so I could enter my room, have a glass of water and go back to class. I was shocked that the slippers I left outside was nowhere to be found. I need to take extra money out of my savings to just buy any type of slippers that my hands can reach so I can attend my classes. I was also broke and only spent my money on shoes.

It’s best if people pay attention to things they wear, especially your shoes and slippers.

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