16-year-old boy allegedly commits suicide at Tema New Town

16-year-old boy allegedly commits suicide at Tema New Town

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A 16-year-old Junior High School (JHS) graduate and an apprentice tailor was in the early hours of Friday, August 26, 2022, found hanging on a ceiling at a football entertainment centre in Abonkor, a suburb of Tema New Town.

The boy, whom residents alleged to have committed suicide, was found with a yarn around his neck, dressed in a white sweater over black trousers.

Mr Abraham Adjetey Adjei, the Assemblyman for the Harbour Electoral Area, told the Ghana News Agency that at about 0400 hours, he heard a knock on his door and came out seeing so many people, who informed him of the incident.

Mr Adjei said that some Christians, who also use the centre for their dawn prayers, discovered the boy hanging in the structure when they went there for their usual religious activities.

He said the boy named Adjetey was a resident in the area and even played with other children in the vicinity on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

He said that was the first time they were experiencing such an incident in the electoral area and pleaded with the youth not to resort to such acts no matter the issues they were faced with.

The father of the deceased, who did not give his name, said he resides at Kpone, but received a call from the mother of the boy and the uncle who the boy works with, informing him of the alleged suicide.

He added that according to the mother, after returning from the shop on Thursday and eating, he went to the roadside to chat with his peers , adding, however, that the siblings later complained of not knowing his whereabouts only for his body to be discovered hanging.

The body of the deceased had been deposited at the Tema General Hospital by officials of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service.

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