Do these 3 simple things to be valued by any lady

Do these 3 simple things to be valued by any lady

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As a man, you will like women to respect you. You will be happy to see women bowing to you. But you are not seeing that, what you see is women who don’t respect and value you.

You may think you are gentle and you don’t like the trouble you comport yourself in public but yet women don’t respect you.

As a fellow man, I’m going to let you know some things that I think will make women value you more than everything. Please before I continue, kindly follow me if you haven’t. Thank you.

90% of women will value you if you do these three things that I will list below.

1. Give her money.

Money makes women happy. Where there is money there is a woman. If you want a woman to value you, always make sure your pocket is loaded with money.

I mean work hard so that you can have money to give women because that is what will make a woman value you. Women respect and value-rich men.

2. Be a leader

You should always lead her to her goal.

I’m not talking about leading her to your room for your satisfaction but teaching her how she can be a good woman or achieve her goal. Women value men who lead them to success.

3. Never ask for money.

I know some of you will not agree with me but asking a woman for money will make her lose respect for you.

She is not going to feel proud and she will not value you anymore. Her feelings for you will start vanishing because she thinks you are going broke gradually and women don’t like broke guys.

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