“Lockdown turned me into Les_bian”- Woman confesses to Husband

“Lockdown turned me into Les_bian”- Woman confesses to Husband

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A woman has confessed that, lockdown turned her to become les_bian.

Mrs. Cargg confessed after her husband got wind of it.

Lesley Cragg, 38, says she learned how to regularly pleasure herself in lockdown and it led to her feeling empowered.

She claims she uses her vibrator daily and thinks all women should take charge of their own pleasure.

“I’m single and lockdown was initially a bit of a nightmare,” she says.

“But I was able to turn a negative into a positive. The whole experience of being home alone was a turning point regarding masturbation and my relationship with my body.

“Because if I couldn’t pleasure myself – then who could?

“I felt empowered learning how to regularly climax with the use of a vibrator and taking back control over this important part of my life.”

Lesley, who lives in Warrington, is on a mission. She says she feels energised when using a sex toy and claims, not only does it help with her anxiety and confidence, but it has improved her overall wellbeing.

“I should say I’m not a mad sex person! But I’m happy to say I use one regularly,” she reveals.

“That’s why I want women like me to be able to take control and be in charge of our own pleasure.

“The last 18 months have been tough on us all – especially for those of us who are single.

“My mantra is that you don’t need a man to climax.”

Lesley says her eyes were opened when she discovered the range of vibrators on the market.

“Yes there are the classic internal ones – but there are also external models too. We’ve come a long way from the basic bullet style vibrator and the rampant rabbits,” Lesley explains.

“In my 20s and early 30s whenever anyone mentioned a vibrator like most women I thought they were horrible.”

An orgasm is the best way to release my anxiety

The turning point for Lesley to talk out about how all women should be using sex toys came when she recognised the positive impact they have on her mental health.

“It sounds crazy but it’s true. If I’ve been working in full on mode then like most of us I need a way of calming down,” she says.

“At the end of a stressful day I can remain anxious. An orgasm is the best way to release my anxiety.

“When those feel good hormones start pumping around my body as a result of such pleasure – I’m in a much better frame of mind.

“That’s why when I want to relax and unwind, I prefer to reach for my vibrator than a large glass of wine.

“I see climaxing as a form of mindfulness. It means I’m focussed on me and only myself in that moment. My motto is that an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!”


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