Controversial Prophet announces new winner of Presidential Election

Controversial Prophet announces new winner of Presidential Election

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Controversial prophet Talent Madungwe has predicted the 2023 presidential election winner.

The 2023 Presidential elections are believed to be another contest between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Madungwe is known for claiming to have met and dined with God. He is also a self-proclaimed commander of the heavenly army.

In an interview with Star FM presenter DJ Ollah 7 on Wednesday, Madungwe delivered a prophecy concerning the 2023 elections. Madungwe made an appearance on After Drive where he spoke on a number of issues.

When asked about who will be the winner of the 2023 presidential elections in Zimbabwe, Madungwe implied that Emmerson Mnangagwa will remain President. He added that leaders are not decided by humans but by God.

Talent Madungwe said:

Ndakaburitsa that message that was [in] January this year ndichiti according to the heavenly meeting yatakaita handisikuona any change.

Chinoitika kana pachinzi parikupinda another new government panoitwa inonzi the political change structure in heaven. Saka hatina kuita that meeting, saka sezvazviri zvicharamba zvakadaro.

Vatungamiriri vanochuzwa naMwari nekubviswa naMwari saka not ma elections, kana kuti military coup, kana kuti rigging, kana kuti zvamunofungidzira zvekuti kana kuti tazoti chii chii zviya zviya, zvese hakuna.

Vatunganiriri vanochuzwa naMwari nekubviswa naMwari. Saka Mwari kana aisamunhu ndiye anobvisa. Saka zvekuti first term kana kuti second term hazvishande. Mwari ndiye anobvisa vatungamiriri.

Saka sezvazviri let us go. Vanhu endai munonamata. Hazvisi zvenyu zvekubvisa vatungamiriri. Vatungamiriri vanobviswa naMwari

When asked if people should not go and vote, Madungwe urged people to go and vote. He said:

Chero mukavhota, ano decider kuti arikuhwinha kana kuti wandirikuda ndiani it’s God. So your votes ano corresponder zvirikudiwa naMwari. Saka ndozvatiri kutaura. Saka endai munovhota hatirambidzi kuvhota because munozviti democracy.

Hapana chakamboipa. Democracy. Endai munovhota. But isu tirikutaura kuti hapana zvati zvagarirwa pasi kuti paite change munyika yeZimbabwe. Saka sezvazviri zvicha continya kusvika Mwari vazoti ndakubvisa hutungamiri huripo ndichiisa mumwe.


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