Who Enjoys Sex The Most- Man or Woman? (Check out)

Who Enjoys Sex The Most- Man or Woman? (Check out)

9 reasons why you should have sex with your Spouse everyday; No.1 is Solid


Intimacy is a virtual thing between everyone. After marriage, men and women tend to have intimacy with each other.

However, there is a disturbing fact in the perception that women enjoy intimacy more than men. People discuss their thoughts to come to a conclusion.

Actually not sure, so some people are still confused by this fact.

One thing we should all remember is that both men and women enjoy intimate activities. But does one enjoy satisfaction more than the other?

Studies have shown that women don’t enjoy intimacy more than men, so the opposite is true because men enjoy sex more than women.

Research shows that men’s desire for intimacy is stronger than women’s and easier. Women value the emotional bond with their husbands as a spark of their desire for intimacy.

A woman’s desire for intimacy is also influenced by the environment and context. One of the reasons men enjoy intimacy more than women is because they don’t need external factors to influence their desire.

They mainly act impulsively and instinctively.


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