8 Strange reasons why women moan and make sounds during s*x

8 Strange reasons why women moan and make sounds during s*x

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Women make noise, even when they are having s*x, some women may also shout and scream in bed.

And if you recollect your memories of any lovemaking scene from the movies, you will have the woman moan over and over again as the scene gets hotter. So, what makes women moan during s*x?

Moaning can turn him on instantly
Men are turned on by the sounds their women make. If a man is taking time for the act and is not getting into the mood, a woman may moan just to get him there. This especially helps when a man is not in the mood for s*x, but the woman wants it.

As an involuntary response to pain
At times when he is taking things rough and causing discomfort or pain down there, moaning can come in handy. A moan with a painful sound can give him the message that he is creating the woman discomfort, and he may become slow and careful.

But there is no reason why a woman should continue to endure pain during s*x. After all, the act is all about experience pleasure and not pain (unless that’s your jam). More often than not, pain during intercourse is caused by a lack of lubrication. This problem can be solved by simply keeping a bottle of lube handy.

To get things done quickly
Not in the mood today, but your man wants s*x? Then moan! Moaning excites men and makes them experience orgasm early on. Some women also cry if the sex is getting too exhausting and they want to end it soon. They complain to arouse their men and get things done quickly.

Many women have used crying to get sex done promptly with, and it is all fine until the man knows you are faking it. That could be quite painful and pinches men sharply.

To slow things down
When a man hears soft moans of pleasure, he gets the idea that the woman is enjoying what he is doing. The sounds of your moans make him interpret that you need more time in bed and he needs not to hurry. This helps women extend the act longer if they anticipate the man is going to have an orgasm soon.

It is the tone of the moans that set the rhythm of sex. If a man can correctly read through the sounds a woman makes, the couple can have better and enjoyable sex.

To turn off their brain and focus on s*x
Women have hectic lives, and sometimes they are just not turned on for s*x. With a thousand different things running in their minds, it may be hard for some women to focus on what is happening now. With a grocery list running on your account or a presentation layout taking shape, it can be impossible to enjoy the pleasure of being laid.

Moaning helps them get their brain where their bodies are.

To change the rhythm of s*x
Like what your man is doing? Moan softly. Don’t like what he is doing down there? Moan hard.

That’s it. Moaning helps women change the rhythm in bed. If you moan softly at something he is doing, your man will continue it because he knows you like it. Similarly, he will also get the idea of something you are not enjoying when you moan painfully. As simple as that!

Silent s*x? Arghh!
What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? Since women are more expressive than men, they have taken the lead on this one, too. Their moans and sounds and screams make s*x more enjoyable for both the partners involved. Silently getting to climax would be such a mood killer! When a woman moans in pleasure, there can be nothing better than that.

Can’t get your woman to moan? Is the silent sex routine dampening your experience in the bedroom? One of the reasons why a woman may not be letting out those soft moans or loud screams during sex is because her partner isn’t able to pleasure her the right way.

In that case, s*x toys such as vibrators or rings for clitoris stimulation can really help you shift gears and heighten the pleasure of the act. If she is truly experiencing the zeniths of sexual pleasures, there is no way she’ll be able to keep that ecstatic energy in.

To please their men
Women also moan to make their men feel happy and pleased. A man feels masculine and strong when he can get his woman to feel pleasure under his embrace. Soft moans of pleasure give him the idea that the woman is enjoying what he is doing and that pleases him greatly.

S*x becomes more exhilarating for men when their women moan with pleasure. Moaning is considered to be a sign of good sex, but do not confuse the painful sounds of your woman as signs of happiness.

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