Man Attempting to Enter Church in Bawku with Weapon Killed By Military

Man Attempting to Enter Church in Bawku with Weapon Killed By Military

The threat of terrorist attacks in Ghana is getting real by the day and this is especially so in the northern part of the country.Islamic terrorists see this part of Ghana as a launching pad where they can begin their heinous activities.

Just a few days after gunmen stormed a church in Nigeria and massacred over 50 worshippers,a similar tragedy might have unfolded in Bawku in the Upper East Region.The vigilance of locals and security personnel posted to that part of the country averted any horrific incident.

A man believed to be in his 30’s and suspected to be a terrorist was seen trying to enter a church but the way he was dressed drew suspicion and heeding to the call by government to Ghanaians to be alert and “see something,say something”, locals quickly got in touch with security operatives who confronted the man.

A gun was properly concealed in the fake Bible that he was holding.In addition, bullets were also found hidden on him and the military had no option than to bring him down.

One might ask why the soldiers were so quick to do away with this individual instead of confining him so information could be extracted from him.

Ghanaians must treat this “see something, say something” mantra with all the seriousness it deserves.

Be on the lookout and report any suspicious elements as muslim extremists are on a mission to destabilize every country in West Africa.


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