Agradaa Furiously Reveals Gay Pastor Who Want To Snatch Her Husband(VIDEO)

Agradaa Furiously Reveals Gay Pastor Who Want To Snatch Her Husband(VIDEO)

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Nana Agradaa has bluntly called Joseph Kyere a gay man as she accuses him of snatching her husband to engage in same-sex relations.

The enraged wife has spent the entire week speaking from a dark place of anguish, discussing everything from her heartbreak to her worries about being alone.

According to her, the paster, Joseph Kyere, who is also her fugitive husband’s spiritual father, is brainwashing her husband with trickery.

She further insinuated that Joseph Kyere is working hard to use his status as their spiritual father to draw the runaway husband, just to sodomize him.

Nana Agradaa further explained that looking at how the world has changed drastically, gay men are on the loose and hunting for their next victim.

She went on to warn all women that if they aren’t careful, their husbands will be sodomized.

She assured her audience that she would not allow Joseph Kyere to succeed with his plans to sodomize her husband.

Netizens, on the other hand, have been gentle with her, believing that love is a peculiar thing and that she should not be blamed for it.

They have also implied that her tactics to safeguard her marriage might seem unsmooth, but there is also no smoke without fire.



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