A PRETTY Cheating Wife, Sophia, Dumps Hubby For Complaining

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A PRETTY Cheating Wife, Sophia, Dumps Hubby For Complaining


A WATERFALLS man was dumped by his wife after he caught her with another man in his bedroom.

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Farai Munhongowarwa (37) of the Johanne Masowe yeChishanu Church pleaded with his wife Sophia Zanga (23) to stay, despite her shenanigans.

Sophia was caught between the sheets with a married builder, Farai Kaitano (29), who was assaulted while in his birthday suit.

He sustained head and leg injuries, but decided not to lodge a police report.

Munhongowarwa told H-Metro that it was his second time catching Sophia red-handed in their matrimonial bedroom.

Sophia confirmed the two incidents saying they were deliberate attempts to hurt her husband since she has lost affection for him.

“My wife has been seeing other men behind my back for some time,” said Munhongowarwa.

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“I could not confront her, but decided to find better ways of catching her red-handed .

“Last month I caught her with another man and the lover ran away leaving his bicycle.

“I took the bicycle to Waterfalls Police Station to avoid allegations of theft.

“I warned her over adultery since we go to church together and she showed remorse unaware that chakatobaya chikatyokera.”

He hatched a plan to expose her again.

“I am a security guard so I was on night duty and decided to return around 4am after informing my seniors about my intentions.

“That led me to finding my wife between the sheets with this man.

“My children are too young to be forced to live without both parents and for that reason, I felt it was better to forgive my wife and seek counselling.

“If I may find professional people to help my wife accept that I have forgiven her and urge her not to leave me. I will be happy.

“I love her. I love my children, I love my marriage.”

Sophia said she has already found alternative accommodation.

“Ini zvemurume uyu handichada saka kudanana nevamwe varume ndirikuzviitira kuti awore mwoyo asiyane neni,” said Sophia.

“I cannot explain the reasons, but the truth is that I no longer have affection for Farai and if he decides to take the children I do not mind as long they will be well looked after.

“Yes, I am still nursing one of the children, this will be a challenge for me to part ways with my children.

“The lover who left a bicycle is from Hatfield, but I have forgotten his name and this Kaitano is building for one of our neighbours and we both come from Murewa.

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“I met him four days ago.”

Kaitano told H-Metro Sophia lied to him that she was single which is why he decided to spend a night with her at her house.

“I met Sophia four days ago and she gave in to my proposals and invited me to her house where I was caught by her husband,” said Kaitano.

“I was yet to have sex with Sophia when Farai and his brother arrived.

“They assaulted me all over my body and I sustained head and leg injuries.

“I did not lodge a police report against them, but if they continue visiting my workplace I will retaliate.” H Metro

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