3 Parts Of The Body Women Love To Be Touched, The No3…

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3 Parts Of The Body Women Love To Be Touched, The No3….

Touching is one of the most basic ways to show affection and interest. In fact, research shows that even casual intimate touching offers numerous health benefits. Including a lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, reduced stress levels, and a boost in the feel-good chemical oxytocin.

We all know which female body parts men most frequently like to explore, but there are more body parts to explore other than the genitals. Incorporating touching of these body parts into foreplay, or just giving her some pleasure after a hard day, will definitely make her appreciate you more.

1. Behind the knee

This area is one that most men don’t think of when trying to stimulate a woman, but it is, in fact, quite sensitive. Gently caressing the back of the knee is a sure way to get her in a good mood. Don’t forget to pay some more attention to this special spot once you’re alone too.

2. Earlobe

Touching, caressing and even lightly biting the earlobes of your woman will up the bliss factor for her. These delicate, soft lobes are very sensitive and most women thoroughly enjoy the sensation of having a man’s fingers on them.

3. Nape of the neck

The nape of the neck is often neglected in favor of more obvious pleasure centers, but never underestimate the power of gentle touches from her hairline to her shoulders. Once you get to the nape of her neck, place a few light kisses there.

Every inch of her body is covered with nerve endings that could be stimulated, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some no-go places. As you explore, you’ll learn which places your touch has the best effect on and which you should avoid.

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