The Flamboyant Wedding Of Ghana’s Best Reporter( SEE PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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The Flamboyant Wedding Of Ghana’s Best Reporter( SEE PHOTOS, VIDEO)

It was a great day in the Golden City of Ashanti Region, Obuasi to be precise, how top notch journalists across the country, Ghana, troop in to Tutuka, in the Obuasi Municipality, in support of their colleague.

Affectionately called Akwadaa Nyame, now Mr. Isaac Asiedu, on Sunday, 10th April, 2022, wedded a beautiful and a professional nurse, Mrs. Florence Antwi Asiedu.

The occasion, was between Journalists and nurses, alongside honourable members.

It was so enormous an occasion that, Two Third of the occupants have to wait outside as the huge Auditorium of the Moment Of Glory Prayer Army (MOGPA) became too small to contain the guests.

I don’t want to talk about enjoyment, because no one can could even devour half of foods and drinks served.

You have to fill your bag and come home with it.

Infact, it was a great moment in many of the occupants life.

They termed the occasion as ” The Flamboyant Marriage Ceremony”.

Shortening things, the marriage was blessed and the Ghana’s Best Reporter was allowed to have a lip taste on the floor.


Waoo, you ought to be there, the chanting and waaoing swallowed the place.

After all, God made everything successful and the two lovers were unionised to live together in peace and in Christ as Husband and Wife.

Now, to the world, the Akwadaa Nyame you know is now, Mr. Isaac Asiedu.

His wife’s name is: Mrs. Florence Antwi Asiedu.

I even heard some people saying at the occasion that, now that he is a wedded man, he is no more Akwadaa(Child), therefore, they will call him now as Opanyin Nyame.

God bless the Marriage Of My Colleague, Mr. Isaac Asiedu a.k.a Akwadaa Nyame And Mrs. Florence Antwi Asiedu.


Thank you all…….

Written By: Filasco DeGeneral ( CEO)

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