How VIP Bus Driver Slept With In The Bus – Abigail Narrates Her Story

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How VIP Bus Driver Slept With In The Bus – Neglected Abigail Narrates Her Story

A young lady by the name Abigail has revealed her shocking life experience live on Oyerepa FM. According to her narration, she travelled all the way from Kumasi to Accra for a job her uncle had promised her in Accra.

Interestingly, things turned around and the unexpected happened.

She narrated that, the very day she got to Accra, she met a VIP bus driver who goes by the name Owusu.

The bus driver (Owusu) confronted her on the spot and enquirer about her journey and the reason why she had travelled all the way to Accra.

She told him she came to Accra for a job opportunity as a “sports lady,” however, she wish she could get the opportunity to learn any vocational skill.

Owusu then assured her that he could secure a place for her to learn any vocational skill of her choice.

Convincing enough, this opportunity Owusu offered her was in Kumasi, so he promised her that he will take her back to Kumasi the next day, so they had to spend the night at the VIP station.

”That night, Owusu went for a mattress and laid it in the VIP bus and told me to sleep. That very night he slept with me in the bus,” Abigail explained as she cried.

The next day Owusu drove her back to Kumasi and and sent her to a friend’s house. He told the friend that “Abigail” was his sister’s daughter. A week later he abandoned her and left her to fend on her own.

Now, Abigail is stranded and looking for help

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