Your Man Will Become Addicted To You If You Do This To Him Before Bed

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So ladies, he is your husband, you love him very much right? He deserve your toung on his dick. then what is the problem in sucking his dick? Just go through if he like this.

Here we will discuss some benifit in your married life of sucking your husband penis.

1. He feel pleasure psychologically, that he is accepted by you totally this is the best feeling of a man being a man.

2. He comes from his office, with lot of tension and frustration, if you give him blowjob his tension release immediately and he can sleep with piece.

3. Research says that blowjob release dopamine and serotonin hormone which are relaxaxing and feel good. If your husband feel good he will become productive in office and can focus on his job properly.

4. You will become his addiction soon he will love you its the best thing every woman want.

5. You can control your husband bad habits by this. By taking advantage of it I.e. do not go there etc.

6. your husband may not go to other women by this.

7. Finally, let love your husband, his happiness should more important to you, this will take your family life at great level.

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