4 Ways To Detect If She Is Pretending You Are Good In Bed, Point 2 Weakens Me(CHECK Yours)

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4 Ways To Detect If She Is Pretending You Are Good In Bed, Point 2 Weakens Me(CHECK Yours)

There are a lot of the time that she may “ooh” and “ahh” at all the right times but that doesn’t mean she’s actually feeling it. Most of the ladies does not know how they can say to their partners how bad they are in bed and won’t want to disgrace them.
So what they actually do is to pretend to be enjoying it whilst they are not just to let you feel happy or say, do what you are doing and leave them.

But in this piece, we are going to learn 4 ways to detect if she is pretending you are good in bed.

1. She Changes Her Facial Expression

You have to study your partner and know her facial expression when she is actually happy with you when making out in bed. So when you see any changes in her facial expressions that seem contrary to what you know then just know you are getting it wrong with her.



2. She Plays Director

A lady who is not feeling it will constantly tell you to “go faster” or “do it like this,” it may be a sign that you’re not giving her pleasure. More at time men thinks when she tells you to “go faster” then it means she is feeling it, no, many do not. It is a sign for you to know and adjust to the game so she can have the feeling of the rhythm of the game.



3. Listen To Her Pleasurable Noise

When a lady is actually having good times in bed, her pleasurable noise feels so natural and unique but to the pretend ones, you hear that there is no uniqueness in her sounds or her screams. She tries to do something to make it seems she is enjoying it.



4. She Does Not Give Feedback

Most of the feedback you get after making out in bed with your partner encourage you enough to do more and even help adjust to your style but if you don’t get any feedback from her then know you did not make it out to her.




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