Pray with the following Psalms to receive an immediate breakthrough


Pray with the following Psalms to receive an immediate breakthrough


Psalms are an ideal prayer book because there seems to be a Psalm for almost every intent or situation. When using the Psalms for a desired solution or result, it helps if one adds other devotional acts. While this is not always necessary, every act of devotion conveys one’s sincerity. Some psalms do require special acts of devotion to accompany their reading. When reading the Psalm, do it in a reverent, meditative manner; a hurried reading may bring a haphazard result, or no result at all.

Some Psalms for Difficult Times

Three days of fasting and praying with Psalm 119 (verses 17–24). God will answer your money request.

Psalm 64: Accident – If you want to be protected from all sorts of accidents, pray with Psalm 64 every morning before you leave home. Ask the Almighty God to hide under His pavilion.

Psalm 94: If you have any court case or any problem to sort out with anyone, get on your knees at 12 midnight and pray earnestly to God. Surely, justice will work in your favor.

Psalm 30: Sickness – If you are facing any sickness that is troubling you day in and day out, At 5 am in the morning, go on your knees and pray with faith. You will be healed and liberated completely.

Psalm 132: Wealth- If you desire to acquire wealth in abundance, fast and pray for seven days, and you will be amazed at God’s divine intervention.

Psalm 111: To attract love, pray Psalm 111 on the day you were born and watch God open a door for you to your beloved.

Psalm 37: For a drunk man, take a cup, put water in it, and say the psalm over it with its name, and put it on his head and face and make him or she drink it, and he will sober up immediately and wake up. Pray with Psalm 37 after he or she has recovered and will stop drinking in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 47: Say this psalm seven times a day, and people will meet you with graciousness. Fast for three days and pray in the early morning, and opportunities will come to you unexpectedly.

Psalm 102: Praise the Lord for his mercy and benevolence to a barren woman. Take water, go on your knees and repeat this psalm seven times, by telling God to give you a child.

Psalm 140: To end the hatred between a husband and his wife. Call your wife or husband at midnight, and join hands together with team up prayers. God will restore the love between you and lead you to happiness.

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