For Immediate Release: BoG’s Swift Public Notice On Freedom Coin Premature, Freedom Coin Not Scam


For Immediate Release: BoG’s Swift Public Notice On Freedom Coin Premature, Freedom Coin Not Scam

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We have become aware of the public notice, issued by the Bank of Ghana concerning Freedom Coin on Wednesday, 9th March 2022.

While we understand it is the duty of the Central Bank of Ghana to take the necessary steps to preventing individuals or groups in the country from creating financial instruments that could threaten the economic situation of the country, we find the message to be premature on their part.

Freedom Coin was announced at the Black Star Square on Ghana’s Independence day, 6th March 2022.

However there were no specifics given about what the product was going to be and how it would fit within the current financial system.

The only mentions of Freedom Coin as a cryptocurrency were speculations by the media.

While we acknowledge the Central Bank’s desire to pre-empt the potential for fraudulent activity, the speed with which the statement was made, has created the impression that they are aware of nefarious activities from Freedom Coin and that is categorically false.

We did not need the approval of the Bank of Ghana for our announcement.

Read Freedom Jacob Caesar’s tweet after BoG’s notice

Freedom Coin would have answered all BoG questions if they had reached out for an official inquiry.

They did not. We understand their apprehension, due to the existential challenges that a centralised system has with a decentralised system.

We have specific plans to send out information to the general public in the coming days, weeks and months about the full scope of Freedom Coin.

We know the statement has cast doubt in the minds of people and we understand this sentiment We want to implore you to exercise patience and make a decision for yourself once more details become public.

To those who have continued to show their support, thank you. Your sincere anticipation of Freedom Coin will not be in vain.

Gideon Williams – Media Relations,
Freedom Coin Email: info^FreedomCoinF|

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