5 satisfying ways to get “revenge” on your ex


5 satisfying ways to get “revenge” on your ex

So many of us get dumped or are rejected by our love interests and the reasons can look very unfair.

Some leave us for a prettier or a more handsome person; our financial status can be a reason and them getting bored of us too can lead to a break up.

The first thought in our minds is revenge , especially when we feel cheated. Instead of plotting something vicious and then regret later, here are 5 amazing productive ways in which we can take satisfying, sweet revenge on our ex .
1. Beach body
Get that beautiful toned, muscular body and make them regret leaving you. Make a plan, join dance classes or yoga or a gym. Bring yourself back on track and you will feel yourself transforming into a butterfly. When you work out, you will also feel good about yourself so this strategy is nothing but a win-win situation.

2. “You cheated on me” and the name
Very childish indeed, but the satisfaction will probably give you that long lost beauty sleep. Spend a little money and see where all can you stick posters, especially on the driving route of the ex who cheated on you or hurt you. All you have to do is write the text like a headline of an advertisement and take the name. Do not write your name please. Then ask your friends to get on with the pasting. Take the required permissions or paste them on sticks that can be placed in different places. Remove them once you are sure the message has sunk in!
3. Do what was on the back burner
Go on that trip, try that sport, the food from the place you love but he/she did not let you go. Make your ex envious by doing what you always wanted to do but did not because they did not like it. They will feel like you were waiting for them to leave you! Mission accomplished!
4. Online articles
This is a more classy version of those posters. Have a journalist friend? Make use of them if possible. Often there are columns where you get to write your story, the issues you are facing and then there is an expert who imparts his/her wisdom. Go for it, express it all out. If you can, then do not go anonymous or take an alias. Tell your actual names.

5. Staging a relationship with another
There ought to be a man or a woman in your life who has the ability to tick off your ex . Make use of that equation. Stage a fake relationship with them, show that you have moved on. Oh the complexes your ex will have shall be music to your ears. Just make sure he/she is not the aggressive kind who can beat people or post nonsense about that person you are about to take help of.

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