If you see these 3 animals in your room, esp. no. 2, see your spiritual father

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If you see these 3 animals in your room, esp. no. 2, see your spiritual father

Animals play major roles in the lives of mankind especially when you see them in your dreams. Never play with animals you have no history about because some can cause your demise. Let us take a close look at an animal like snake, any time a snake can see you it must run automatically if the snake does not run it means you have tampered with the spiritual dimension and thus the evil is after you.

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In today’s article, I shall draw the attention of my readers to these three animals when they see them in their room and the spiritual implications behind their presence inside their room.

1. Agama Lizard:

Lizards are known to be social-friendly that never attacks man unless being harmed. It will be so difficult to see a cold-blooded animal like an Agama Lizard in your room unless you are being hunted by evil spirits. Never take it lightly when you come across an Agama Lizard inside of your room. The moment you see an Agama Lizard in your room be sure to have killed it and never let it escape because if it does escape your information is been taken along and you will begin to face spiritual problems in your life.

2. Wall Gecko:

Wall Geckos are known for their poisonous nature when they lick your mouth or die inside your food. Wall Geckos give bad dreams especially when they attack you. They attract thunder and are very dangerous for babies. Spiritually witches and wizards use these creatures to tap information from their victims. These animals bring bad luck and can even lead to your demise when they stay inside your room for long. The moment you see these animals in your room, kindly drive them away, be sure to not let the tailpiece fall on your bed else bad luck will be your portion. I will advise you not to kill them to avoid not letting their tail fall on your bed because these animals can intentionally shed their tail.

3. Millipede:

Millipedes are one of the most dangerous animals in existence, despite their vulnerable nature, they can cause more harm than good. Spiritually when you see these animals in your room it means your spirit is weak and thus needs strengthening or spiritual intervention. Looking at their nature, it is so easy for these creatures to sneak under your doors and even share a room with you. They also create negativity when care is not taken because their place is to be inside the forest not in the home.

It will be important to secure yourself from these creature because they can cause havoc. Not all these creatures are evil unless possessed but treat them with love because they make the world a better place for us all and also help balance nature. Nature is beautiful when we decide to make it beautiful for us all.

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