Immediate Press Release: Converting Toll Booths to Washrooms by Road Minister

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Immediate Press Release: Converting Toll Booths to Washrooms by Road Minister


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We have closely Monitored with Keen interest, the recent Comments made by the Roads and Highways Minister Hon. Amoako Atta about the Changing of All the Toll booth Plazas Nationwide to Public Washroom.

We the Clergies Forum for Fairness (CFF) sees it as Below Belt Comment and it’s Unfortunate to hear such statement from a minister who is paid with Public Purse.

Clergies Forum for Fairness wish to remind Mr. Amoako Atta and the Government that, On the 21st November, 2021 (Sunday), the Ghana Highways Authority through their Public relations Officer, Cecil Obodai Wentum in an Interview with Accra based Kingdom fm Host, Okogyeabour Ocran maintained the position that, ” The Ghana Highways Authority ( GHA) has put in an advanced Plans to decommission all the 37 toll plazas Across the Country to ensure Free Flow of Vehicular Movement and also to insist Road Safety “.

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At this Point, we want to quiz that:

1. What is the rationale behind this Unfortunate Decision..?

2. Allowing Pedestrians and Passengers to Cross these major highways to Use the facility as Urinal, are we ready to Clamp down Road Carnages as a Country…?

Counting the weak and deadly Nature of some of these Toll booths Such as : *Amrahia to Dodowa toll booth, Kade Toll booth, Ayi Mensah till Booth on Adenta -Aburi highway,* and others on our highways, we call on the National road safety Authority and CSOs to be firm and Oppose this Government’s agenda.

Picturing these facilities and it Suggested purpose by the Government, Clergies Forum for Fairness with or without Equivocal terms Condemn the Position of the Government and wish to say that, Ghanaians will Continue to die in Road Accident in this diabolical agenda is allowed in the Country.

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We Call on the public to rise to the Occasion and speak against any irresponsible and unfortunate Statements by the people who are paid with our Taxes and call on the Minister to retract the Comment and apologize to the good people of Ghana.


President… 0243127074

Rev. Samuel Annobil
Vice president….

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Long Live Ghana
Long live Clergies Forum for Fairness.

#We stand for Fairness.

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