Sad news: 5-year-old Moroccan Boy dies after being trapped in well for 4 days

Sad news: 5-year-old Moroccan Boy dies after being trapped in well for 4 days

The 5-year-old Moroccan boy who had been trapped in a well for four days has died.

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The boy, who was only identified as Rayan, fell into the 100-foot deep well on Tuesday.

CNN, citing two Moroccan state news agencies, reports the boy’s body was recovered by rescue teams on Saturday.

Accordingto a statement from the Royal Palace, King Mohammed VI of Morocco called Rayan’s family to offer his condolences, per the outlet.

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“Following the tragic accident that claimed the life of the child Rayan Oram, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God protect him, made a phone call to Mr. Khaled Oram, and Mrs. Wassima Khersheesh, the parents of the deceased who passed away, after falling into a well,” the statement said.

Prior to the recovery of Rayan’s body, his mother told a state-owned television station that her son had been playing nearby before disappearing.

He was discovered to have fallen into the well, located near his northern Moroccan home, after she heard his cries.

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Authorities were quickly called to help and rescue efforts were soon underway.

Throughout the ordeal, rescuers were able to use a rope to send food and water down to Rayan, which his father told local media he saw him drink. “He was moving and drank a little bit of water. I believe he will be okay, God help him,” he said.

Additionally, Rayan was supplied with oxygen via a tube, according to Reuters. “People who love us are sparing no effort to save my child,” his father said, per the outlet.

Rescuers used machines to help dig a parallel path to the boy. Local outlet Le360 reported that two rescuers, who were just inches away from Rayan, had started manually digging, according to The New York Times on Friday.

The Times also reported that a rescuer told the outlet they had to continue to be cautious in their efforts due to the “chance of collapse” — which had been an ongoing concern.

“This stage is the most important and most complicated one,” the rescuer explained at the time.

Additionally, medical professionals and a helicopter were on standby at the well’s location.

On Friday, thousands tuned in to watch the rescue efforts via livestream. Meanwhile, others arrived at the scene to watch the rescue unfold in person.

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