Disturbing: Four year old boy commits suicide

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Disturbing: Four year old boy commits suicide

Four year old boy, Jarion Walker has committed suicide by accidentally shooting himself.

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According to report, Walker was in the nuclear family’s private vehicle with his smoking mother.

The late innocent child was playing at the back seat with his two other siblings, aged 22 months and 1 year when the incident happened.

Jarion, ignorantly came into contact with his father’s short gun earthed beneath the back seat and in the process of playing with it, shot himself in the head.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital but died upon arrival on January 29, 2022, at about 10:45pm.

The sad news happened at Westwego, a  city, new  New Orleans, USA.

Meanwhile, when the incident happened, his mother, was seriously smoking at the front seat of the vehicle.

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“It was a contact wound to the forehead, right above the right eyebrow,” said Coroner Gerry Cvitanovich.

Police have not made any arrests but detectives confirmed that an investigation will take place.

Mr Lopinto said: “I don’t think it was appropriate to make an arrest at this point.

“They just lost a child and it certainly wasn’t intentional by any means.“

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