A/R: Driver dies after rescuing four children

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A/R: Driver dies after rescuing four children

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Residents of Offinso Agyeimpra; a community settlement within the Offinso Municipal of the Ashanti Region has applauded a dead driver for his courageous efforts that saved four school children this afternoon at the Agyeimpra barrier. Agyeimpra barrier, named after a police checkpoint, was where a yet to be identified driver, halted his breaks to save four children who mistakenly crossed him.

Philip Kyei, an electronic repairer, was standing at the Agyeimpra barrier waiting to cross the road when four school children mistakenly tried crossing the road without proper checks. Philip who witnessed the accident told Offinso police that, the driver’s effort in drifting his car around the children, rather saved their lives and if not for that, they would have all been dead or critically injured.

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They were four in number standing at the other end of the road. They wanted to cross the road but failed to check if the road was clear or not. All four tried crossing the road at once. It was as if someone had pushed all four of them onto the road.

The driver of the VW sedan had no option but to hit all four. I thought they were all going to be crashed but the next I saw, was a loud sound. The car somersaulted.three times before landing on the other side of the road.

He had tried saving the students but ended up dying. His efforts save the children, but, sadly, he lost his life, Philip Kyei said to the police after the accident.

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he unidentified driver to the VW Jetta vehicle, applied his handbrakes and drifted around the students without hitting them but ended up dying when his car somersaulted in the process.

Residents of Agyeimpra were fast to rush to the aid of the driver but he could not make it as he was confirmed dead at the Offinso St. Patrick Hospital. The driver was the only occupant in the car at the time of the accident.

The body is still at the hospital as the police work to unveil his identity with a possible tracing to his family. None of the four children were hurt in the accident as all four has been discharged after they were taken to the hospital for screening.

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