Two people die at a construction site (SAD VIDEO)

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Two people die at a construction site (SAD VIDEO)

Two have saddenly met their untimely demise at a construction site.

The two people died at the construction site whiles on a scaffolder, concreting a top of a storey building.

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Though, death of humans is seen as a natural and essential part of life yet it is also seen by many religions as uniquely different in profound ways.

But, sometimes how our loved ones depart, makes it very worried and disheartened.

In a viral video on social media, one the dead was Electrocuted initially.

Feeling the love they have for their colleague, the others tried rescuing him from the folder.

Unfortunately, one other worker was also striked by the electric shock, killing him instantly.

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We are yet to identified where exactly the sad news happened but stay glued as filasconews works vigorously to ascertain every fact of the matter to you.

Watch video below

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