Just in:Armed robber pleads for mercy but this is what angry citizens did to him this morning

Just in:Armed robber pleads for mercy but this is what angry citizens did to him this morning

An armed robber who got unlucky this morning was treated in a very special way this morning after citizens grabbed him upon his attempt to escape their grip.

He was smeared in oil when he was caught and was dressed in a very deceptive way from what witnesses described.

The young man named Saba Munim who from descriptions is about 28 years was carrying a pocket knife, a gun without any ammunitions or rounds of bullets and a black tape.

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He had gone on night robbery patrol in Ashaley Botwe and had successfully robbed some people and pickpocketed as many people as he could.

Early in the morning, young men who were training their muscles and working out at the gym in a near by store were alerted by a middle aged woman that she had been robbed.

They quickly gathered around and started scanning the community for this man who was playing hide and seek with them.

They were alerted after observations that he could be used to the area or is a citizen of that community because of how he was hiding himself in that small space.

Unluckily for him and luckily for the bodybuilders, he was hiding in between a very small space separating two stores not too far from where he had stolen.

The young men first took him to the gym where they decided to spare him of beatings and lashes but to let him work hard because that is what he has refused to do but steal.

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They loaded him with heavy metals to carry and work out with them as well and forced him to go several rounds of push ups before handing him over to the police.

It was all tears and a plead for mercy from him as he could barely walk after the police arrived. Madina police according to reports are those who have him in custody and are meting out the appropriate punishment for him.

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