“You spent ¢68m on PASCO, absorbed BECE registration fees, do same to UTAG- Gov’t told

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“You spent ¢68m on PASCO, absorbed BECE registration fees, do same to UTAG”- Gov’t told

Mr. Boadi William, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Educate Africa Institute (EAI) has asked the government of Ghana to as a matter of urgency addresses the concerns of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

UTAG have been on strike for weeks over their condition of services.

This according to EAI, is retarding education and affecting students, hence, the CEO of EAI wants government to do the needful as he spent huge sums of money on PASCO and BECE registration fees since 2017 till date.

“Do same to UTAG as you did for PASCO and and also settled the registration fees for BECE candidates. UTAG deserves better”, he stressed.

Read his full statement below

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Fellow Ghanaians, the government is not on top of issues. The University lecturers are on industrial action due to the government’s failure to meet their wage demands. The government is still trying to converge a meeting for the usual negotiations meanwhile meetings are not edible.

This government has been absorbing registration fees for the BECE candidates from 2017 to date. Reference: In 2021 Budget: Gov’t absorbed 2021 BECE registration fees for 416,066 candidates.

Again, this same government spent over Gh¢68 million on past questions for both 2020 and 2021 WASSCE candidates. Unfortunately, their teachers are struggling to survive. Who is thinking at all?

Ghana’s education system has seen a lot of changes under this government. Sadly, most of the changes have been described as retrogressive. The fence which has been described as positive including the free SHS was also implemented poorly and that resulted in the double-track system.

Let’s delve into these messes:
1. Government has not paid teachers arrears but has borrowed more than every government in the history of Ghana.
2. Capitation grants have been in arrears of footraces.
3. Our President announced that teachers will be given Laptops to facilitate proper teaching and learning, unfortunately, the teachers paid for it unlawfully.
4. For two straight years, textbooks have not been printed and supplied to basic schools.
5. 15% of teachers have abandoned the profession due to poor conditions of service. This is the highest in 20 years.
6. At the Tertiary level, students are unable to find or afford accommodation in universities compelling some of them to defer courses.
7. In 2021, College of Education students spent just a quarter of the time they needed to spend in school because-release the lease of funds to run the schools.
8. Teacher and nursing trainee allowances have been in arrears for several months. Now, the managers have planned to replace it with student loans. Just that they are finding it difficult to declare.
9. Graduates who are NABCO beneficiaries are owed several months’ arrears and they are battling to exist.

And, this government is boasting that it has spent more in the education sector than any government in the 4th republic. They have forgotten that teachers are the pivot in education. Flashback: “Free SHS teacher first”

First thing first.

Boadi William
CEO of EAI, Educationist, Journalist, and Motivational Speaker.


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