Angry man shot and killed 10 cows in his in-laws kraal after catching his wife cheating on him

Man shot and killed Ten Cows in his in-laws kraal after catching his wife cheating on him

A family feud is what prompted the son-in-law to shoot and kill 10 cows at his wife’s house. After the groom chose to shoot 10 cows at his inlaws’ house, there is a tremendous feud between family members. According to reports, this man went to his wife’s house and sought the return of his lobola cows after catching his wife cheating on him.

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The inlaws attempted to calm him down by asking him to sit down and talk about the situation, but instead, he pulled out a revolver, walked directly to the kraal, shot ten cows, and fled the scene. The family stated that they are aware of the situation because the son-in-law had previously reported his wife’s poor behavior, and they expected him to sit down and address the situation rather than act as he has.

The suspect’s family has vowed to file charges against him. His mother-in-law has vowed to send his sons to avenge her groom.

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