NPP lack leadership brains, attitudes to break the 8 – Boadi William, EAI

NPP lack leadership brains, attitudes to break the 8 – Boadi William, EAI

“Break the 8 slogans is a lullaby for the joky pupils of Kontenase kindergarten”

This government led by H. E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo promised to protect the public purse. And, now, the promise has turned into a predicament of our time.

It’s now one day, one scandal. Humbly delve into the below exposé made by a fine concerned citizen of Ghana and a darling son of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in power.

On the 1.2billion missing fund, Mr. Boadi said, “I worry that this is a Ghc1.2 billion road fund loan to settle hungry contractors in Ghana. Aside from that, there are many schools under trees and we need to provide good classrooms to enhance quality education”.

Capitation grants have been in arrears of four traces.

For two straight years, textbooks have not been printed and supplied to basic schools. The E-Blocks are abandoned but the government wants to build new scam classrooms for STEM. Something we could just complete and improve the existing classroom blocks.

Teaching and non-teaching staff are being disrespected and suffering.
University students are stranded and hungry.
Nurses are suffering.
Drivers are suffering.
Traders are suffering.
Importers/exporters are suffering.
NABCO trainees are suffering.
Farmers are suffering.
Most Ghanaian are suffering except those we voted for and their appointees.

To be honest, most of us thought this was the Messiah to save this and the next generation but not knowing they wanted to fulfill their childhood desires.

Although the NDC is not the best option President, Nana Addo, when he was yelling for power in those days told us that we are suffering too much meanwhile we are sitting on plenty monies. That convinced most Ghanaians to vote for NPP. He vowed that when become the president of Ghana he would share the national cake equally without favoritism and nepotism. Now, corruption seems to be a legal policy in Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians, University lecturers are on industrial action due to the government’s failure to meet their wage demands.

GETfund scholarships were awarded to MPs and Ministers. Truly, most NPP members, some NDC guys, and floating voters who voted for Nana Addo are
angry and disappointed owing to the slimes of this government.

Yes, the NPP government introduced the Free Senior High policy to give access to education and reduce the burden on parents. There are no dent measures to make it sustainable. Even, the teachers who are teaching these students are not well cared for. Most top government officials and mere party foot soldiers always scold teachers in a gross ennui manner. The one who brought the Free SHS doesn’t have ears to listen to teachers. Are the article 71 people super Ghanaians?

The most celebrated policy beneficiaries NABCO trainees are starving and perishing. Yet, our first man had entertainment in the air.

Candidly, the NPP lacks the leadership brains and attitudes to govern Ghana. Unless they stop the talks and put them into action.

1. Let’s abolish the political system and reintroduce kingship. Politics can’t transform Ghana and Africa.
2. Democratic governance is not the best for Ghana and Africa. Even, Ivory Coast is developing with a capitalist system of governance.
3. The 1992 Constitution favors only the rich and not every Ghanaian. We must amend it now!!.
4. Religion is hindering our progress. We have failed to utilize our senses and still waiting for God’s miracles. We need to love ourselves and unite no matter one’s Church.
5. We need to develop positive attitudes and build our heaven right here. God won’t welcome people like us into his believed abode.

I am a concerned citizen of Ghana. Africa is born in me.

Boadi William
CEO of EAI, Journalist, and motivational speaker.


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