6 things that can make a woman fall in love deeply with you

Are you looking for the secret sauce that makes a woman fall madly in love with you? This is must-read material for any guy who is sick of his interactions with women fizzling out before anything happens. Falling in love is a natural process that happens between two compatible people, so there’s no way to force it.

1. Give Her Attention

Spending “quality time” time with your partner is one of the most powerful ways to increase desire and to have her fall more deeply in love with you.

2. Look presentable

They say it takes less than a second for a woman to tell if she’s physically attracted to you. Since the first thing she’ll notice in that short window is how you look, I say it’s pretty damn important that you give her something worth loving.

You don’t have to be the most handsome lad in the room, just be neat and smell nice. Seriously, a pleasant scent does wild things to us.

3. Compliment Her Looks

Everyone likes good compliments, but women especially love to hear from their partner.

4. Show her that you have a great personality

Women are attracted to men who are career-driven, but keep in mind, family-oriented too. They are looking for a man with a sense of direction who knows what he wants and goes after it. He isn’t afraid to take risks because he is responsible enough to make sacrifices in order to achieve them.

5. Be the funny guy

Girls love humorous guys who can turn anything into fun. · Girls need thrill and humour is the best thrilling experience for them.

6. Give her money

I don’t know if she will fall in love with him but probably his money for sure. It’s unfortunate that many women think this way but I guess it’s the same excuse as when women say guys like them only for their looks.

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