Eiish: Residents arrest armed robbers including prison officer at Adum

Eiish: Residents arrest armed robbers including prison officer at Adum

Residents of Adum-Banso in the Mpohor District of the Western Region have arrested three suspected armed robbers a prison officer. Adum Manso is a mining community and as such, people from different parts of the country throng to the area to seek Gold. On any ordinary day, the community is filled with a lot of economic activities and as such, criminals have also taken advantage to engage in business by stealing at all costs.

The decision by the government to ban illegal mining has brought fear among some residents in the area and they are always on high alert to escape any form of arrest from the task force. It was during one of such days when four men with weapons stormed the mining site. They had military uniforms, guns, knives, and other weapons for action.

All the miners took to their heels after seeing the four armed men with the idea that they were members of the mining task force. According to the Assemblymember for the area, Mr. Bernard Adu Yaw, some of the miners have over the years been robbed of their gold and money in a similar raid which later turned out that it was the work of armed robbers.

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After seeing these four armed men, some of the miners boldly faced them because their military uniforms were questionable. One of them bolted but luck eluded the three. They grabbed them and realized they were not military officers but armed robbers who wanted to take away their gold and money. They overpowered them and subjected them to severe beatings.

After a thorough search, a pistol, knives, and other weapons were retrieved from them. One of them confessed to being a prison officer who was also in a uniform. After their confession, the residents handed them over to the police to take up the issue from there.

The modus operandi of the three was to rob the miners of their money and gold in the name of the task force but vigilance got them arrested. The three are currently in the gripes of the Mpohor District Police command. According to the police, they are gathering enough evidence to parade the three before the court and if found guilty, they will be made to face the full rigors of the law. The sad aspect of the issue is that a prison officer who has been trained to defend and protect the laws at all times is rather breaking the same laws.

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