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Very sad: Female teacher commits suicide together with her daughter

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Very sad: Female teacher commits suicide together with her daughter

A female teacher and her daughter have been found hanged in the room of her husband.

According to report, the deceased was married to her fellow teacher at Komomange, a town in Kenya.

The report continued that, the husband, Mwalimu catered for her from High School to College and got married after school.

The lady then got employed TSC in Kenya and posted to teach in a school at Kisii, Kenya.

They woman migrated to stay at her new location to teach and left the husband and their two children at Komomange.

Mr. Mwalimu visits his wife always to check on her at her new place in Kisii but with time, he sensed something fishy going on with the wife.

Surprisingly, his wife has been engaged with another man in a nearby community to the place she teaches called, Ntimaru.

Her new husband was a police officer.

The lady took the new guy to her family for their blessings in the marriage but the family opposed it, as they are are aware of her legal relationship with Mr. Mwalimu, the teacher.

Therefore, the lady shamefully returned with her new guy.

A brother to the lady died last week and burried on Monday, January 10, 2022. After the funeral arrangement, the family gathered rebuked her to return to her old married man with two children, Teacher Mwalimu.

After the humiliation, she decided to end it all.

On the next day, she took the only child she had with the police officer (the new man) and went to the old husband’s place and hanged herself together with the innocent girl on a nearby Mango tree.

The bodies were later found by the locals and drew police attention. The bodies had since been conveyed to the Komomange hospital’s morgue for autopsy and preservation.

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