Withdraw the E-Levy and manage our resources wisely- General Secretary, EAI

Issues concerning Electronic Levy(E-Levy), have sparked a lot of disputes after the Finance Minister, Hon. Ofori Atta made mention of it on 18/11/21.

This 1.75% proposed levy, is expected to take effect 1st February 2022, which from the look of things, may not be possible, although it is alleged government keeps engaging the minority in parliament to concord.

However, Educate Africa Institute (EAI) is concerned, deem it to be good since it’s purposed for the development of Ghana. Notwithstanding, we believe Ghanaians have already endured the pain of imposition of taxes especially on petroleum products, imports, and so on.

Recently, the government proposed imposition 30% tax levy on imported vehicles and 20% on essential commodities which will cause price hikes on commodities and machinery not to mention the 15% taxes which will cause purchasing of services like education, health, and others unbearable for the citizenry.

Taxes in Europe are higher because the government offers many benefits. The majority of citizens of those countries are satisfied that the extra costs are justified to cover things like education, healthcare, and other social benefits for themselves and the citizenry. They have a social safety net for everyone in their countries without favouritism and nepotism.

We have started encouraging the youth especially to engage in the YouStart program through which revenue can be generated for the country through taxation and other trade transactions. Again Komenda sugar factory among other neglected but profitable factories can be revamped to employ more people which will help the government generate more revenue through taxation and other dealings.

This point, raised by our great, and only organization, Educate Africa Institute, may seem meager but is very productive when put to trial.
We are only behind the ‘GHANA PARTY’ _developing the nation to stand shoulder with the future._

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Nsaah Kwao Kojo (Gen. EAI)

Boadi Williams ( EAI Boss)

+233 55 732 5270.

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