Disheartening: First military brutality in 2022(VIDEO)

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Disheartening: First military brutality in 2022(VIDEO)

The new year has recorded its first military brutality.

Two military officers from the Ghana Armed Forces, in their military uniform, were seen in a viral  video on social media beating a man on the road side.

In the video, the man was seen walking alongside O.A bus, suspected to be in a ‘go slow”.  One of the armed officers, hit the man yet to be identified with a stick he (military) man was holding.

The other angry officer also came in and started beating the man.

As what the man did, that attracted the brutality on him, is not known.

He was only heard in the video saying, “Oh! what have I done, what have I done”, but that couldn’t save him from his punishers as they continued punching him.

Military action

It later took one of the same military beating him to resettled and calmed down the nerves of the other one.

Watch the video below

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