What will you do if you’re the husband or the wife in this story?

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What will you do if you’re the husband or the wife in this story?

A young man who lives in the capital city of Ghana, Accra, wanted to marry from his village. As a result, he sent money to his father in the village to find him a good wife in the village as their custom demands.

His father, made a good choice and took all all the necessary arrangements to marry the lady.

The lady was made to travel to the city to stay with her husband as custom demands.

She arrived very late in the city. As she gets outside the lorry park for taxi, a man approached and asked her where she’s going and offered to give a ride since there were all going to the same direction.

Unknowingly to both of them, the man happens to be the husband the lady is traveling to.

The man took her straight to a hotel and spent the night her.

The next morning, they went their separate ways.

The woman took another taxi which finally took her to the husband’s house.

To her surprise, it was the same man she spent the previous night with in the hotel.

If You Happen To Be The Husband Or The Wife….. WHAT WILL YOU DO??

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