There is no proof against Christmas celebration- Rev. Minister calls for debate from anti-x’mas preachers

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A Reverend Minister has emphasized that, there is no proof or history whatsoever against Christmas celebration by Christians.

He has therefore called for a thorough debate from anti-Christmas priests for prove against the festive season.

According to the Leader and Founder of Souls Pasture Church at Asuofua-Akyease in the Atwima Nwabiagya North District of the Ashanti Region, Rev. Emmanuel Boakye, Christmas must be celebrated by Christendom as it reconciles and reignites their faith on the birth of the Lord Jesus as a way of remembrance.

In Ghana, some churches prohibit the celebration and preach against it.

Notable amongst them is the Church of Christ.

But, speaking to Filasco DeGeneral on the issue today, Rev. Emmanuel Boakye said, the day helps Christians to remember the birth of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem by Joseph and Mary via holy spirit.

“Jesus came and died for our sins, so what is wrong if we set aside a day to celebrate his birthday?

We celebrate one week and one year anniversaries of our departed beloved relatives, therefore, what is wrong with it for christians to also set aside some days in December every year to remember our Saviour? he opined.

The Rev. Minister who is also the Principal of Awesome Bible College at Asuofua-Akyease fumed that, he can’t fathom why these anti-christmas priests see nothing wrong when human beings celebrate their birthdays annually but are fused when people are celebrating the Birth of Jesus on Christmas day in December….

“My brother let me tell you, if anyone says he/she has a history against Christmas celebration, he or she should come forward for us to debate with proves.

There is nothing against the celebration by Christians”, Rev. Boakye stressed.

He was quick to add that, the celebration doesn’t mean fornication and adultery but remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ and also show love to others.


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