Be serious, you’re disgracing Ghana over e-levy- EAI Boss to Parliamentarians

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The EAI strongly condemns our parliamentarian’s misconduct from yesterday’s proceedings.

We also denounced the 2nd deputy speaker’s attempt to vote while presiding as unconstitutional.

We would want to respectfully inquire if E-levy was included in the 2020 manifesto by this government?

Did NPP promise to shift the economy from production to taxation or taxation to production?

Is the E-levy the only way to save our economy?

We then request that House leaders reach an agreement and make a decision.

We also want the Supreme Court to clarify whether or not deputy speakers have voting rights when they preside over meetings.

Because of the unprofessional behavior of some MPs, our 8th Parliament is now unattractive.

Boadi William

S. K. Ofori
Political Analyst, EAI.
+233 24 658 5860

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