Section of River Subin converted into dumping site by residents

Source: filasconews

Part of River Subin which passes through WAEC Secretariat at in Akwatia-Line Electoral area of the Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region has been turned into refuse site by residents.

A visit to the area to fight for poor sanitation in the region by filasconews on November 21,2021 around 4pm unearthed this.

In an interview with some shop Operators alongside the river, they expressed no knowledge about where the heaped plastic waste have filled the river, blocking it’s path to flow as expected.

They believed some nation wreckers wake up late in the night to dump their waste into the river. As a result of this, the place gets flooded during rains.

During the visit, damaged fridge, electronic gadgets and thousands of satchete rubbers have dumped into it.

“During day time we are here, nobody will come and dump anything inside the river. When we close, we tidy our place but the next day, you will come and see garbage either dumped into the river or beside it”, some people working around the place disclosed.

We are therefore appealing to the authorities especially the Asokore Mampong Municipality to as a matter of urgency dredge the river in order to pave way for it’s flow and keep eye on sanitation offenders henceforth.


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