Even in the face of disaster, we can’t let politics rest- Political Analyst


Ghanaian politics and the political establishment keep losing it. A country that can’t unite even in the face of disaster.

It is disgraceful what happened in parliament last week between the NPP and NDC MPs. Must we be blaming each other when the people who have lost their livelihood and shelter are in dire need of aid?

Shouldn’t the focus be on how quickly the nation can marshal its resources to give the people some relief? Anyone in an emergency situation is desperate and that must be the focus.

As a country, we can’t continue to do this to ourselves. Politics must have its limit. It must always give way during emergency situations. Healing before blame.

Ones the affected are catered for, then we can start asking the critical questions as to what can be done to find a lasting solution. Hon. Dafeamekor has apologized and I think Hon. Stephen Amoah must also do same. Lets stop the politics.

It is more disheartening when the very people who easily become victims by the machinations of these politicians are swayed to follow these politicians. Until we prove to them that we won’t let them steal our minds with their politics, we will forever become victims. Ghana must always be the winner.

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