Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings Must Vacate The Ridge Bungalow now!


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Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings Must Vacate The Ridge Bungalow – NOW!

_It might sound harsh or ill-timed but rather long overdue. The RIDGE BUNGALOW is on several acres of PRIME OSU LANDS.
The Ridge Bungalow was taken in 1979 by Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings as Military Head of State, for his family while he lived at the Castle.
Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings as civilian President lived at the Ridge Bungalow with his family.

*Former President Rawlings continued to live at the Ridge Bungalow; as Former President, from 2001 until his death in 2020.*
_It is EXACTLY ONE YEAR since Former President Rawlings died…_
_*In the Civil and Public Service of Ghana, one month after exiting (resignation or death) the official bungalow is to be vacated.*_
In the case of a Former President or Vice President, it is acceptable to occupy an official bungalow until death upon which event the bungalow reverts to the State and not the family of the deceased as FREEHOLD LAND/PROPERTY.
It will be recalled that in 2008 Former President Kufuor attempted taking an official bungalow and office together with his Vice President in the same PRIME RIDGE AREA where President Akufo Addo is building his Cathedral.

Former President Kufuor’s attempt at implementing prematurely his Chimney-Hesse Emolument Committee Report *in which he had smuggled in a clause that will give the PRIME LAND TO HIS FAMILY FOREVER (FREEHOLD) UPON HIS DEATH was fiercely resisted.*
The GaDangme Youth opposed it and prevented President Kufuor attempting to *abuse Executive Power to take their lands for his family in perpetuity in breach of Trust Law.*

The principle which if allowed, over time would have deprive them of their LANDS; was not limited to Former President Kufuor but the GaDangme Youth were categorical that *”upon the death of Former President Rawlings, his family must vacate the Ridge Bungalow”*.
Former President Kufuor’s main stated reason for taking the Ridge Bungalow land and office in perpetuity was that, *his family will become destitute or homeless* is untenable, as he owns a Mansion at Peduase and another at Airport…
Former President Rawlings also owns a Mansion at East Legon and a waterfront property at Tefle…
Ghana’s Former Presidents retire on their Tax-Free Salaries which are much higher than most Ghanaian Taxpayers.
Their wives, Former First Ladies are also paid significant ALLOWANCES which are higher than salaries of most Ghanaian Taxpayers;

Additionally the *former First and Second Families* enjoy many freebies such as paid staff, office, official vehicles, accommodation, travel, health and entertainment allowances during their lifetime; which end upon the death of the Officeholder.
*If the State stops paying Pensions of workers after death;*
*If the State stops payment of Former Presidents after death;*
*Why must the State continue to provide accommodation after death?*
Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings should have vacated the Ridge Bungalow long ago.

*The Rawlingses must vacate the Ridge Bungalow – NOW.*
_*If the State cannot afford to relocate or resettle thousands who were displaced by Climatic Change weather events, why must it waste what is available?*_
Ghana’s land mass is steadily being reduced by the SEA…

*Ghana’s PRIME LANDS are steadily being STOLEN by STATE ACTORS aided by criminally-Minded officials of the Lands Commission…*
This should not be about NDC or NPP, the resources of Ghana cannot and must not be allowed to be taken..

Citizens of Ghana must not become SPECTATORS ANYMORE.

Comrade Richard E A Sarpong, Father Casford
The PRO and Convener 0241906363

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