Newly trained teachers forum appeal to Gov’t to pay their arrears

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  • Our September and October allowances have not been paid.
  • We will end our service this month, November 30,2021.
  • NSS personnels under the Newly Trained Teachers Forum appeal to Gov’t to settle their arrears.

Newly trained teachers forum appeal to Gov’t to pay their arrears

The Newly Trained Teachers Forum which consists of all the newly trained teachers in the colleges across the nation are appealing to Government to as a matter of urgency settle their outstanding debts.

The 2020 members of the newly trained teachers forum who carrying out their National Service in the various government institutions have disclosed that, their allowances have not been paid over the past two months.

Meanwhile, these NSS personnels will end their services in November 30, 2021 therefore want the monies due them paid fully before the end of the service.

The members are lamenting for their allowances as early as possible because, they fear government will not pay the debts if the service is terminated.

“If we didn’t cry for our monies now and the aforementioned end date comes, their employer will not pay them”, President of the Newly Trained Teachers Forum consisting of all the NSS personnels and championing their course, Kuncham George told filasconews.

He pleaded with the media to help channel their plight to the government to settle them.

“We’re entreating you as the fourth estate of the realm to aid us get our monies”, Kuncham added.

Some of the NSS personnels



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