Kumasi: ‘Dumsor-Dumsor’ burnt down billions of Properties at Adum

source: filasconews

  • Over 20 traders both phone dealers and second hand cloth dealers have been affect.
  • Billions of properties lost to the fire
  • A store room inside Adum-Baamu building

Kumasi: Yesterday’s ‘dumsor-dumsor’ burnt down billions of Properties

Over fifteen electronic dealers and cloth dealers have lost their capital to inferno.

All these people after work park their items in one common room as store room for their goods at all times.

But unfortunately for them, the store room which is inside the Adum Baamu house catched fire around 9-10pm yesterday, Monday, November 8, 2021, burning all the items parked inside.

Eye witness who doubles as one of the phone dealers in Adum, told Filasconews that, not even a pin was spared by the raging fire.

He said, erratic electricity power supply termed locally as ‘dumsor-dumsor’ during that period caused the mayhem.

“Expensive electronic devices such as cameras, phones of all kinds, accessories, and clothes have all burnt into ashes”, he told.

He added that with timely intervention by the fire service, the fire was controlled else all the nearby stores and the Baamu Building itself where Nananom visit to pour libations could’ve raged down by the fire too.

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