Dangerous: If you sleep under fan.. see these

Dangerous: If you sleep under fan.. see these

The UK could be as hot as Ibiza this weekend
Sleeping with a fan on through the night could be terrible for you

After a cold and miserable last few weeks it seems like summer weather has finally arrived.

Time to ramp up the barbecues and enjoy the Euros – that’s if England actually start playing decent football.

Amid all the fun and games, often we are not really equipped in the UK to deal with such heat, as we’re expecting highs of 24C in the south this weekend, and up to a mega 27C next week.

Often though, the only relief we can get is from the good old electric fan fan that’s not been in use since last summer.

While having in on throughout the day is not that big of a deal, leaving it on when you’re asleep could be problematic, according to Sleep Advisor.

We’re in for a heatwave in the UK. (Getty Stock Images)
We’re in for a heatwave in the UK. (Getty Stock Images)
The sleep publication said: “If the dryness is particularly extreme, it can result in your body producing excess mucous to try to compensate.

“Then, you’re more susceptible to blockage, stuffiness, and sinus headaches.”

As well as sinus issues, additional fan use really irritate dry skin.Another less obvious complication is that you may wake up with sore muscles, as concentrated cool air can make your body tense up and cramp.

This is certainly on the more extreme end of things, and we should also point out that there are some positives to sleeping with a fan on too such as circulating stale air and helping to regulate body temperature.

If there’s a lot of noise pollution where you live, they’re also a cheap and effective way to provide some background sound to drown out the racket going on outside.

Will you be dusting the fan off? (Getty Stock Images)
Will you be dusting the fan off? (Getty Stock Images)

Ultimately, Sleep Advisor suggests to avoid spending the night with the fan cranked up if it’s triggering any allergy and asthma symptoms or if you’re experiencing dry skin, eyes, mouth or sinuses.

“Sometimes the equipment also gets excess build-up of pollen and particles that are impossible to remove,” they continued.

“If that’s the case, consider an upgrade.

“Or, if it’s causing issues by drying out your skin and insides, maybe you need something that rotates instead of one that blows directly on you all night.

“You may even want to consider one that has a timer, so you’ll be able to use it to lull you to your dreamland but have it turn off automatically to prevent the constant blast of air all night.”

In short, keeping a fan on through the night won’t kill you.

But if the cons outweigh the pros maybe upgrade your system or find a new way to keep cool at night.

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