“Hypocrite, myopic believe in NPP’s promises” – Thomas Dindiego fires

“Hypocrite, myopic believe in NPP’s promises” – Thomas Dindiego fires

You’re Hypocrite, Myopic If You Believed In NPP’s Sloganeering Promises against 24hr Economic Proposal – NDC Activist Fires Critics.

An NDC youth activist in the Western Region, Mr. Thomas Dindiego has lashed out naysayers opposing the 24hr economy, a proposal by the National democratic Congress flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama.

The youth activist described critics as Myopic and Hypocrites for rubbishing the NDC live changing proposal against the NPPs sloganeering promises, such as the most touted One-District-one-Factory, one village one Dam, 1 million dollar per constituency etc. which have been unsuccessful.

The youth activist noted that though the “One District One Factory” initiative and the proposed 24-hour economy have distinct merits, however, he suggested that voters who believed in the 1D1F idea should not relent to support the 24-hour economy proposal as the latter initiative builds upon and complements the former in several ways.

Emphasizing on economic diversification of the 24hr economy, Thomas Dindiego said, the 24-hour economy will employ potentials of factories, by operating round the clock, factories can maximize production, increase exports, and generate more revenue for the nation.

He believes, the 24-hour proposal will create more employment opportunities across various sectors because extended working hours would require additional shift workers leading to new job openings in factories, logistics, security, and services related to the night-time economy which will go a long way to reduce unemployment rate which the 1D1F initiative fails to achieve.

According to him, the new proposal also recognizes the benefits of utilizing resources optimally without constraints of time. By extending operating hours, factories can achieve higher productivity levels and meet market demands swiftly. This efficiency contributes to economic growth and enhances the overall competitiveness of the manufacturing sector.

Mr. Dindiego narrated that the implementation of the 24-hour economy would enhance Ghana’s appeal to foreign investors due to increased productivity, expanded job markets, and better utilization of resources.

He added that Investors seeking stable returns on their investments would be attracted to a country with a diversified and thriving economy that provides opportunities for round-the-clock operations thus, supporting the 24-hour economy bolsters the attractiveness of the country as an investment destination, benefiting not only factories but also the overall economic landscape.

He is optimistic that, the 24-hour economy proposal by John Dramani Mahama builds upon the unfulfilled objectives of the NPP government’s crashed policies and offers a range of additional benefits thus, he has called on Ghanaians to embrace the policy because, it’s strategically positioned for advantageous for the overall economic development of the nation.

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