Worrying as Kremlin speaks on Putin’s death……Fact-Check

Worrying as Kremlin speaks on Putin’s death……Fact-Check

Russia: Kremlin denies claim that Vladimir Putin died from cancer

On Thursday, the Kremlin was forced to deny that Vladimir Putin died of cancer at his residence in Valdai, north of Moscow.

The Russian leader has been the subject of online speculation about his health, while the Kremlin has also denied online rumors that he had a heart attack.

Reports were circulating on social media that claimed that Putin’s entourage was trying to impersonate him as the real president. These claims were dismissed by Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who told state media RIA Novosti that the report was “absurd information”.

Mr. Peskov said reports are circulating that President Vladimir Putin died this evening at his residence in Valdai. Any attempt to impersonate the president after Putin’s death is a coup. ” “These [types of stories] fall into the category of fake news, which is discussed by some media outlets with enviable tenacity.”

On Wednesday night, Putin was seen overseeing a nuclear military exercise that he said involved “a response to an enemy nuclear attack. ” State television showed Putin leading the exercise in a video call with senior military officials.

On Friday, photos were officially published by the Sputnik news agency of Putin chairing a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council via video link from Moscow

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