“Breast has only two functions” – Check them out

“Breast has only two functions” – Check them out

UK-based Ghanaian international singer, Stephanie Benson says the human breast has only two functions.

According to her, many men prioritize their sexual desires over the health of their partners who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, thereby discouraging them from taking precautionary measures that can help save their lives.

Research shows that many men are naturally attached to and attracted to breasts. This makes it difficult for them to cope with their spouses losing the part of their body that entices them greatly. Women, also out of fear of losing their active sex life and advances from partners, tend to run away from breast cancer prevention methods, exposing them to more dangerous health complications.

Speaking to Asieduwaa Akumia on Prime Morning on Wednesday, Mrs. Benson stated that the breast has only two functions. Aside from its use for breastfeeding and its role as a natural aphrodisiac that helps spice things up in the bedroom, there is no other use.

Stephanie Benson

“Breast is a sexual thing, and it’s also a part of the body used for breastfeeding children. It only has two functions. Nowadays, women with breasts can’t even breastfeed and produce milk naturally. That is why I don’t agree with women who hold onto their breasts and try all kinds of medications instead of seeing a doctor just because their husbands refuse to let them go,” she said.

According to her, instead of women suffering from breast cancer fixating all their attention on ways to sustain their relationships, they should rather pay close attention to themselves and judiciously go through the procedures prescribed by doctors to save their own lives.

The UK-based Ghanaian musician stated that although the breast is one part of the body that helps build sexual attraction and tension between partners, there are other parts of the body that also play a vital role when it comes to intercourse.

Hence, instead of men making a fuss and turning their attention away from their partners after going through mastectomy and other forms of breast cancer treatment, they should open up to the idea of exploring other parts of their partner’s bodies to spice up their sex life and focus on building a healthy relationship.

“When it comes to pleasure, it is important to make women understand that they can be sexy without breasts. I don’t have any breasts, but I still feel very sexy, and that is why I tell women that even without breasts, they will be fine. I found different places that will excite my husband and me outside of my breast,” she explained.

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