Arrest And Prosecute Chiefs Conniving With Chainsaw Operators To Destroy Our Forest Reserve

Arrest And Prosecute Chiefs Conniving With Chainsaw Operators To Destroy Our Forest Reserve

A hundred thousand chainsaw operators scattered across the country provide 72% of the lumber on the domestic market. They support livelihoods of about 650,000 people and inject much-needed cash into local economies. But every one of these chainsaw loggers is breaking the law, especially the so called chainsaw operators association which are operating illegally on our forest reserve with support of some chiefs and big sharks in government.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of forest industry association of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Asamoah Adam reiterated to the fact that, he is reliable informed some chiefs and big sharks in government are in centre stage of conniving with this illegal chainsaw operators to unlawfully cutting down trees in the forest reserve and destroy the potential.

He mentioned that their activities has impacted the timber business and with a huge decline from 200million euros to 100million euros lost of revenue to the country.

He said base on this huge decline the timber company cannot export like before and work force too reduce from 100,000 workforce to 37,000 which the government should take a closer look at the challenges confronting the timber export industry.

According to him, if care is not taken Ghanaians may end up use metals for roofing as a result of the illegal activities in the forest reserve and need to stop the menace.

He was optimistic that with the intervention government and other stakeholders to support the fight against illegal mining, chainsawing and other destructiveness activities in our forest reserve across the country.

He also identify persistent challenges such as investment costs, dwindling timber supplies, corruption and a lack of legal access to land and trees.

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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