Akosombo dam spillage: Plans underway to mitigate learning losses – Ntim Fordjour

Deputy Minister of Education, John Ntim Fordjour, has assured that measures are being put in place to mitigate learning losses occasioned by the floods.

This follows the disruptions of academic activities in the aftermath of the spilling of the Akosombo Dam.

He said the ministry is also focused on ensuring that a conducive environment is created in the affected areas for school-going children.

During an interview on Eyewitness News, the Deputy Minister of Education said: “We are going to continue deliberations from our fact-finding report we obtained from all the assessments that have been done. Considering all the brilliant ideas that stakeholders have suggested, we will arrive at something workable and appropriate to ensure that the learning losses that may be occasioned by the flooding and this disaster are mitigated to a large extent. Whatever custom-made approach we need to make within the shortest possible time, we will ensure that learning environments are created in affected areas. That is what our focus is on.”

Rev. Fordjour stated that learning is still ongoing, except for those in areas that were cut off due to the flooding.

“Learning hasn’t stopped for all, but for the extreme and those that were the hardest hit, whose schools and homes submerged by the rains have halted for now,” he told Richard Dela Sky.

He indicated that a workable plan is being considered to suit all students in affected areas.

“At this moment, it will be very early to arrive at a specific option, because you have a combination of options that may work for certain parts of the affected areas. There will be some decisions that may not be prudent for certain parts of the affected areas. So whatever comprehensive plan that we are going to put in place in the long term, will be a combination of some of these options that we are considering. All these are very viable and tenable suggestions that we are taking all in good faith.”

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